Rebuilding the Galaxy: Star Tours and the Planetary Pioneers

Back during the early years of the Expanded Universe, several sources, seemingly coincidentally, focused heavily upon the colonization of the galaxy following the end of the Galactic Civil War. However, neither account properly aligned with contemporary EU, and both have been largely forgotten today. These are The Maverick Moon storybook (1979) and the backstory for Star Tours (1987) as imagined by the Disney Imagineers and printed in the pages of Starlog 118.

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The Flight of the Falcon: The Forgotten Origin of the Millennium Falcon

There is probably no ship as synonymous with Star Wars than the Millennium Falcon. For over forty years, this so-called piece of junk has graced the silver screen in seven of the ten theatrically-released live-action films, and has been the focus of various stories, reference books, and even video games. In the lead up to the opening of the Galaxy’s Edge land at Disneyland and Walt Disney World, the ongoing Flight of the Falcon multimedia project is exploring the history of the Falcon up through The Last Jedi in anticipation of the ship’s role in the events of the Smuggler’s Run attraction. However, it is far from the first work to bear the name.

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Ronyards: Rust Never Sleeps

“Here lies the sum total of all droid kind’s hopes and aspirations, the resting place of our souls.”  – Brother Fivelines

A junk hauler flies low over a vast junkyard. Below, twisted spires of scrap metal loom against an ochre sky. When you look more closely, you realize that the planet’s surface is comprised of the corroded forms of countless droids, fused together over the span of hundreds of years. Eerily, they almost look like they’re screaming. Welcome to Ronyards. If you happen to be a droid, welcome home.

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That’s No Battle Station: Death Star III

When you were a kid, did you ever pretend to be Luke Skywalker as he takes on the Death Star in A New Hope? With R2-D2 as your faithful companion, you zoom down the battle station’s trench in your X-wing, dodging laser fire as you accelerate towards the thermal exhaust port. You turn off your targeting computer, close your eyes, and pull the trigger.

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